Aufbruch zum Mond

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Bedoesque (19.02.2020 20:42) Bewertung
Love it.
I've read that some people think this film is lacking emotions. Well, I think they are simply blind to them because they are not presented to them on a silver plate by the characters, simply stating what they feel. Because there were emotions, subtle ones, honest and authentic.
The events that shape Neil Armstrong's character throughout the film, that make him so simingly resilient and level-headed - although some might call it cold-hearted would have changed any person. I thought it was a very realistic display how loss and grief can close off someone to their own feelings and instead bury themselves alive in work, hoping to achieve a loved one's goal they can no longer reach themselves or to feel closer to them by doing so.

Anyway. I was deeply moved and enjoyed this film. The shaky camera, the music, the loss of sound, all this made this film real and relatable. The cast was spot on. If you have a emotionally reserved - let's call it that - male character, yeah, then Ryan Gosling is your go to guy, as he has Already proven this in Drive. So thumbs up and wish you luck for the Oscar's.

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